Equipped to Survive

We look at things like Scientology as very drastic, dramatic, and public religions. We think, I can’t believe anyone could follow that. I can’t believe all the lies that they have bought into.
Its crazy!
Its crazy how people  buy into this and that’s their way of living.
The truth is they’ve been tricked.
They’ve been tricked and there is a veil over their eyes because they just can’t see.
Lies like ivy cling to their very beings and spread their roots deeper and deeper, closer and closer to cardiac arrest.
They have maps and charts and courses on every subject hoping to be equipped for survival.
They can’t see and your heart breaks for them cause you know all they need is the gospel, you know all they need is a bucket full of truth doused over their heads to wake them up from their nightmare.
And you scream to them.
You plead with them saying, “If you just listened to the truth, if you could just taste this serum you would understand what cages you’re in. How trapped you are…”

At the same time you’re openly publicly pleading with them,
God is pleading with you and all your secret little lies,
If only you knew the truth. If only you could just accept this spoonful of truth! It would heal all the lies you have been believing all these years, you would know freedom.
If only you would taste, then you would see that it is good. If only you knew how much you need this! If only you knew…” 
Then you would realize you’re in the same position as those you preach to.
You’re in the same position because all those lies they have publicly accepted you have privately housed.
The only remedy is for you to remove the poison that has been infecting your soul and what you need is freedom…
To completely cleanse your heart from their lecherous presence
But that is still far to great a task for one such as you
You need is a healer
A healer skilled enough to navigate the arterial map to find the center of your heart, not just some organ
There is only one healer equipped to handle an operation this complex.
He knows all the sinews and pathways and will not only clean the blockage buildup from a lifetime of living
But also restore your soul to its original purpose
There is only one cure,
and you are no longer equipped to survive.

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