A millennial’s guide to life after 25.

Hi! I’m Sophia. I’m a dream filled, semi-thriving, “post-twenty five-er.” And when I say semi-thriving I mean pay rent each month.

My early twenties were a whirlwind of creativity, imagination, and late night pizza runs. However I noticed once I turned twenty-five, that once warm shiny spotlight society so graciously shined on my potential, turned cold and was redirected at the next up and coming. Basically, if you hadn’t made it happen by twenty-five, you weren’t worth investing in. Que quarter life crisis.

Post Twenty-five Life is about reclaiming dreams, creativity, and imagination.  It’s the notion that potential is never ending unless you never tap into it. It’s the belief that life after twenty-five doesn’t have to be monotonous. And the conviction that pursuing what you love while scared out of your mind is always a better story to tell.

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