The Fight for Love

There is a very big part of me that has delayed writing this post for fear of rejection from you. A part of me doesn’t want to be this honest because I know revealing this little corner of my thoughts might make you uncomfortable; it might even cause you to disown or reject me. But as these thoughts trapped in the confines of my mind demand to be released, I’ve decided to breathe and share anyway.

Fair warning, this is about race.
So yeah…

Meet My Best Friend Failure

Lets be real though, if you know me, you know I’m not perfect. *gasp*

No one is; I understand that…in theory. But I still fear failure in the day to day. Being the internal perfectionist that I am for as long as I can remember, failure has never been comfortable (not that it’s welcomed by the general population; I guess i have a particular aversion to it).  It’s just not fun.

A Prayer

What a deep dark curse death is. Its a despicable, disgusting, violating tear in this world. In every aspect it disrupts and leaves behind a wave of sadness rippling in the lives of the affected. I cant help but grieve when faced with death, part because of the loss felt and part because this wasn’t […]

Equipped to Survive

We look at things like Scientology as very drastic, dramatic, and public religions. We think, I can’t believe anyone could follow that. I can’t believe all the lies that they have bought into.Its crazy!Its crazy how people  buy into this and that’s their way of living.The truth is they’ve been tricked.They’ve been tricked and there is a […]


Post 100. This is the hundredth time I have sat down in front of my laptop scouring my brain for words that suit what runs through my head. A 100 times I have stared out my window when words for my feelings aren’t enough. It feels like I had million things to say, all in 100 posts. That’s a big number. […]