The Desires of My Heart

I want to experience God’s glory like Moses did. I want to be bathed in his goodness and warmed by his kindness. I want to know Him. To lay my eyes upon my Savior is my hearts desire. I long to sit enraptured by His grace, astounded by His beauty and covered in the blood that washes me as white as snow.

I need to know.

I want to know the shape of his jaw; to place my hand upon His cheek. I need to see his eyes, filled with immeasurable love for the His children and His creation. I crave His embrace where the strength of nations lies; to touch His hands that have touched my life. I want to see his legs, firmly planted because He is the truth. His feet I kiss and I bow before the author of time. I long to crack my alabaster jar, a dowry reserved, pour it over His head and commit my life to the Sovereign Savior; to listen to his voice, the one that commands the thunder and lightning but stirs even the smallest flower to arise, would be wonderful beyond imagination.

To be in that cloud surrounded by the glory of God…

These are the desires of my heart.

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