A Hosanna Christmas

There is something about Christmas and the word “Hosanna” that are intertwined in my mind. They are linked and this Christmas I haven’t been able to separate them, one cannot be without the other. Hosanna means “Save us!” The Jews used this as a shout of praise when they knew salvation was near. Picture this, you’re on a raft out in the middle of the ocean, no way of contacting help, no food or fresh water, and you are at the brink of losing hope. There is no rescue in sight and you are at the brink of losing consciousness. Then, on the horizon, you see a light. Then as the light grows you see a ship heading towards you and shout, “Hosanna! HOSANNA!” with all that’s left in you. Hosanna is a desperate word. You were ready to die, the tension of how long you could keep surviving was coming to an end, but now, with relief in sight tears flood your eyes and you shout “Hosanna! Save me!”

It’s the same with the coming of Christ. The world in anguish groaned and cried out to God. They waited and waited and waited and were almost overcome by the tension of their suffering and what little hope was left. Then God, chose to deliver us and sent us our ship in the distance. He didn’t come down in clouds of fire with 10,000 angels, no our rescue came in the form of a baby. God, so magnificent even the heavens can’t contain Him, did not come in a huge display of His power but through a crying infant. God heard our cry and he came to rescue us. Hosanna!

I find it so comforting and condescending on the part of our Savior that all my crisis and all the storms in my life are answered by a baby boy. God is big enough to handle my issues. And when I freak out from the things that swim through my thoughts, He is patiently working out His will. This Christmas, take time to turn your eyes to the help on the horizon. See the light in the distance and praise Jesus the Lord of heaven and Earth because Hosanna! The Lord has come! He is here to save! He is here to rescue us!

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