I Choose You

Choosing to love is the hardest thing to do.

Choosing to love someone like Jesus does is even harder.

Because even though every day I choose to love, I realize i end up thinking how much more it will affect me. I think about how hard it is to love someone. I complain that in an ideal world it would all be easier. It would all make more sense.

But am I really choosing to love then if the fruit of my love falls on my own lap and never reaches others? 

Am I really loving if I cant see past my own “standards” for every one else and acknowledge the humanity in everyone. Do i really know how to love if I see the flaws of others and choose to run?

Or is it more loving to see the person behind the flaws and faults in others and walk in grace with them? Side by side. Acknowledging that we are all human.

My life changed the moment i realized that God would send me a friend, a student, a husband, people, who love Jesus, bear fruit but are flawed, have baggage from the past, and have issues.

That’s where the change happens.

When we stop holding others to such a high standard and embrace our own humanity with them, all while maturing and growing in Christ.

Isn’t that what we really want, to be laid bare before someone with all of our nicks and scratches and be completely accepted and love because of them? And don’t we all hope they love the fact that we are being transformed and becoming more like Jesus in spite of that? 

This love models Gods love. He sees everything and says, “I love you in spite of that. I am going to call you to grow and heal in these areas but as we do that I will walk with you and continue to love you. As I love you I am going to call you to something greater.”

This is love.

This is what i want to model.

And today I choose to love you.

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