Its officially a month before my birthday. Through pintrest (*chuckle* if you dont get it read my last post) I discovered a blog about Robyn. for her 38th Birthday she celebrated by completing 38 random acts of kindness (raok.) I was inspired so this year, for my 21st birthday i will perform 21 Random acts of kindness! All i need it help thinking up a list. Here are a few I borrowed from Robyn:

1. Buy a gift card for groceries and turn around and hand it to woman in line behind me.
2. Walk up to a family eating lunch at a local restaurant, place a gift card on their table and walk out.
3. Drop off several hand written thank you notes and doughnuts to the police station.
4. Leave 3 gift cards with notes hidden amongst books at Barnes & Noble
5. Tuck happy notes in car doors in parking lot wishing people a good day full of God’s blessings.
6.Deliver balloons to hospital patients
7. Hand out water bottles to nurses
8. Leave a small treat with a note of thanks for the mailman
9. Tape change to vending machines

Thats the start. I still need 12 more items on my list for that day. If you have any ideas let me know in the comments. Now all i have to do is start saving my money… lol

If you want to read Robyn’s blog here’s the link:

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