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  1. If I were to make up a story about how the universe came into being, how the "divine powers" function, how our God has shaped and changed the world, my first thought isn't going to be: hmmm, let's have a mythological, non-human and completely divine God become a human. Oh, and let's add to that the fact that he will be born into a lowly lifestyle, from a Virgin (thereby ensuring that people think badly of his mother). I probably wouldn't plan that the God in human form would live life normally, and then spend 3 years traveling, preaching and performing miracles HUMBLY, while facing persecution from both the government and the officials of religion. I certainly wouldn't plot that he would suffer to the fullest extent, the bounds of human cruelty, and that he would be put to death. What kind of a story is that? Isn't that the beauty of it, though? Who are we to try and predict how a God should or should not act? And who are we to know what would and would not work? Furthermore, I think there are greater powers at play here than the mere "wants and desires" of God. We will never fully know the answer, of course… at least, not in this life time, but speculate, we can do. There is more at work between the relationship of God and that of the Devil (and of Sin). The world had been bound by the presence of sin for a long time, and it was not something that could not just be wiped away from a seat in the Heavens. In order to change something on earth, I speculate that you have to play by earth's rules.


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