Sexy Christians

“I have absolutely nothing to wear,” I thought as my gloomy eyes scanned my closet hoping that behind the pile of reject clothes there would be an outfit modest enough but still modern and stylish to wear to church. Nothing worked. For some reason I couldn’t find something I thought people would deem appropriate for church.  Either it was too short, too tight, too “little-house-on-the-prairie,” or even worse, exactly what I wore last week. The strange thing was that all of my clothes were normal. I wore those same clothes that didnt pass the “church test” during the week to school, work, and even prayer meetings on campus. For some reason every Sunday those clothes transformed and reminded me of the verse thrown at women who dare to wear something besides the norm.

1 Corinthians 8:9 says “Be careful, however, that the exercise of your rights does not become a stumbling block to the weak.” Obviously this verse can be applied to many things but the one place where I felt the most pressure from this passage was when dealing with modesty. When I wore clothes that were “inappropriate,” women from my church would come up to me  and say, “Cover up. You don’t want to lead thoughts into a man’s head.” I understood what they were saying but how was wearing a skirt two inches above my knees leading thoughts?

This is where I think the church as a whole has missed the mark. Now, in our sex saturated society, we look at sexy as being the exact opposite of what Christian women should be. Christian women are often blamed for someone else’s sin and then programmed to cover every speck of skin under baggy clothing. And by doing this I think we have left a generation of girls not knowing what a sexy Christian women looks like.

I think we miss the fact that God’s version of being sexy isn’t just about sensuality. It’s also about beauty. Women are created to be beautiful. God designed us for beauty and to create beauty in the world around us. Its our act of worship. I agree that we should dress in a way that doesn’t promote men imaging us with no clothes but at the same time dressing in a frock down to your ankles isn’t the answer either. Women need to be told to be confident in their sensuality and be sexy Christians with a heart after God’s. There has to be a balance. So where is it? What do you think is appropriate for women to wear? Are Christian women allowed to be sexy?

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