Man of God

God has been taking me through me so much this past year and one of those places is in how I view relationships. I have always rolled my eyes whenever I sat in on a discussion about dating/courting. All of it was very superficial to me. I wasn’t impressed with the how to guides or dos and don’ts. Now I know God was preparing me for a more complete view of relationships. I have been reading through the book of 1 Corinthians. I read through chapter seven and immediately identified with verses 32-35. Since last year, I have had no desire for a relationship other than friendship; not because I was bitter or have been burned, but because I honestly thought a relationship would be too annoying and would get in the way of me and God. Sometimes people, especially girls, will wait and wait and wait for Mr. Right and once they find him they completely forget God. I was not having that. But the more I meditated on the passage I developed a new perspective on relationships in general. Many things I thought I was due, like a partner who kept himself as pure as I did, I found not to be true. But most of all, my list (you know the 20 page list girls have for the ideal guy) changed. Now let me make this clear: I am not in a relationship. In my head I could just imagine it getting around that I was and getting a surprised call from my dad. I am not trying to say that anyone else’s approach is not what God asks of them. Honestly I’m writing this for myself because I have never formally written down what I want from my husband because God knew I wasn’t ready yet. So read the rest if you’d like or ignore it. This is my list.


I want more than just a Christian. I want a God fearing man. I want a man who is broken at God’s feet and is restored by his hands. I want a man who doesn’t distract me from God but points me toward him. I want a man who knows our relationship consists of 3 entities: me, him, and God. I want a man who knows God is my number one love, and loves God more than he loves me. I want a man who knows that our relationship isn’t for us, our children aren’t ours and our love for each other isn’t by our own accord. It’s for God and His glory. I want a man who goes to God before me and who reminds me to do the same. I want a leader, to lead me, however stubborn I may be, and our family to further the kingdom. I want a provider, who provides more spiritually than by things of this world. I want a man who shows my children how God loves them and whose eyes never leave the face of Jesus. I want a man who loves me 100%, I’m not about that 50-50 junk. He will love me 100% just as I love him 100% as an example of how Jesus loves us. I want a man who knows our marriage is a covenant before God, not a contract and vows to love me for eternity. I want a man who knows I made a promise to God and him to love Him for eternity, even if he falls into adultery. I want a man who strives for the characteristics of God, who walks in his footsteps and is constantly wrapped in his arms. I want a man who knows I don’t expect him to be perfect or right, just right with God. I want a man enraptured by God and shows it to everyone. I want a soldier, ready to take the kingdom of God back. I want a partner who knows I am broken and looks to God to help heal me not by his own hands. I want a man who, when I look at him, reflects God. I want God to be the center. Not him, not us, not the family. More than anything, I want a man who I can shower with unconditional love that comes from the greatest lover, Love himself, God.
Anything else is arbitrary.

To my first love: God I love you and I am in love with you. Lord I delight in you. I don’t want anything in my life that could ever pull my eyes away from yours. I want to spend the rest of my life at your feet. God, align my desires with yours. Prepare my heart to receive your blessings and prepare His too. Lord, I am not waiting for Mr. Right, you are already here. As I walk with you, join me with another who walks in the same direction so we may both follow you until the day when we can rest and relax in your glory. I dedicate my relationship, marriage, children and life to you. None of this is mine and if through your will I get to experience this, I will be more than thankful. Lord nothing can fill me like you do. Take this heart and mold it to be more like yours. In the name of your son, Jesus Christ, amen.

I don’t have an over all lesson for this. I don’t know how to put it into words. I just hope God will intercede in your hearts and reveal what he has been telling you all along.

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