21 Again

So yesterday was my 21st birthday. I had to work from 9-3 (boo) but ended up having a great night with family and friends. We had a  game night with my family and then played ultimate with a couple of friends. I know I said I was going to do 21 random acts of kindness for my birthday but due to a couple of different factors (time, money, etc.) I ended up not being able to do it. But i have set a new date for my 21 RAOK’s. January 27th, one month after my birthday, I will definitely be spreading kindness so look out for that post.

I used to always hate telling people my age because I would always get the “Really! You look so much older!” response. The thing is I have always felt older than my age has indicated. I have always been the “mom” of the group or the advice giver. Ask me every other birthday and I would have said “I feel older than I am” which makes 21 feel so different. It doesn’t sit right with me. 21 is too old. Weird huh? In a way I am thankful for that feeling because now I have room to grow. Hopefully by December 26, 2012 I’ll feel my age. I’m super excited about this year and life in general. God has been so good to me so far and I know he always will. Oh yeah, thanks for the birthday wishes!

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