I don’t always believe God allows good things to happen to me. When I get an opportunity or start to pursue what I think is God’s will in my life, I feel like all the doors shut and I chalk it up to building experience. Earlier this year, I started to pursue a three month […]


In church we hear a lot of “if/then” statements. And the bible is full of them. God makes promises with us that are conditional, not to add a burden to our lives, but to cultivate growth in our hearts and to make us more like the Jesus. For example: If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask […]

Love is Real

Tomorrow my friend is getting married. Weddings are the type of events that God uses to let me know that love is real. A midst all the stress, planning for months on end, the little squabbles and big fights, somehow, on that day, a bride and a groom stand before each other, recite vows, and declare a covenant of […]


My life is awesome.  I’m a college student living rent free in a beautiful town. I have a great job, great pay with awesome hours, and a boss that is super chill. I’m super close to my siblings; we always find something to laugh about…every 5 mins. I have great friends and a cool group […]