Equipped to Survive

We look at things like Scientology as very drastic, dramatic, and public religions. We think, I can’t believe anyone could follow that. I can’t believe all the lies that they have bought into.Its crazy!Its crazy how people  buy into this and that’s their way of living.The truth is they’ve been tricked.They’ve been tricked and there is a […]


Post 100. This is the hundredth time I have sat down in front of my laptop scouring my brain for words that suit what runs through my head. A 100 times I have stared out my window when words for my feelings aren’t enough. It feels like I had million things to say, all in 100 posts. That’s a big number. […]

Heartfelt Music

Wow. Its been a really long time… *cough* Anyways, I have about 4 blog posts in the works that I have finished/working on/ideas of to put up within the next two weeks to make up for the absence. I’ve been so focused on school and guitar and work I haven’t made time to write and I need […]


I havent been updating but i have a lot on my plate! i have so much to share that God’s been teaching and cool things in my life! i’ll hopefully be updating you soon but until then, here is a song that has been beating on the door of my heart! Beautifully Made sorry its […]