Oh Lord, you’re beautiful, Your face is all I seek, For when your eyes are on this child, Your grace abounds to me. Oh Lord, please light the fire, That once burned bright and clear. Replace the lamp of my first love, That burns with Holy fear. I want to take your word and shine […]


You’re not funny and your jokes suck.I had to say it. Its been bugging me for the longest time and someone had to say something.Negative and vulgar humor has taken such a prime role in our society’s humor, its weird to sit through a stand up comedy without it. Even worse, most Christians avert to […]

Obscure Angry Post

Almost every facebooker has an obscure angry post about someone or something. Maybe its residual teen angst or the compulsion to say something, but its really getting out of hand. Words like “haters” or “some people” are laced so often in their writing you start to question if this post was really worth reading which, by the way, doesn’t happen until you’re halfway through and you […]


‎”…I will not offer to the Lord my God sacrifices that cost me nothing.” 2 Sam 24:24Talk about power. A little background about this verse. God commanded King David to build an altar on the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite. So David goes there and this guy Araunah sees him and immediately recognizes he’s the […]

Shotgun for Eternity!

The Questions: 1. What is your first name? – Sophia2. What is your favorite food? – Panera Frontega Chicken Sandwich3. What is your favorite color? – Green4. Favorite drink? – Raspberry Lemonade 5. Dream vacation? Italy6. Favorite hobby? Playing Basketball7. What you want to be when you grow up? Christian public Speaker8. What do you love most in life? Jesus9. One word to describe […]