I write and perform poetry.

Well not really perform but mostly write.

I haven’t always been ready to share my poetry on this blog primarily because it usually doesn’t always follow a set structure so reading it can be a little dry. So I never mentioned it. That’s until July 2019 when I decided to record, shoot, and edit my poems into videos that you would be able to watch. After a lot of work, procrastination, and hyping myself up, I finally finished the video and would love to share my writing with you through video!

I wrote this poem in early 2016 after wrestling with so much; I ruptured my achilles and just began walking again, I was in an inner healing program (basically group therapy) after a lot of family drama, I felt more and more isolated and everything seemed to be difficult. However on the outside, no one could tell what I was going through (well except the leg thing since i walked in a boot). Out of that struggle came this poem.

I performed this poem once live after I wrote it but haven’t returned to it since. With that being said, I hope you enjoy #NoFilter.

Let me know what moved you!

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