7 More Things Post Twenty-five Singles Need Their Married Friends to Know

Last year I wrote a pretty solid list of 7 Things Post Twenty-five Singles Need Their Married Friends to Know. And to be honest, over the past year I’ve encountered so many different situations I feel there is so much more that needs to be addressed. So for all you millennial married folk, here are 7 more things we singles need you to know:

  1. Yes, I know dating apps worked for your friend Shelby but I’m not a fan. I don’t want to know about the latest app, how your friend found love, or that we should try it again. Some of us will never be comfortable with dating apps. Rather than push us to put ourselves out in the virtual world, come out with us to a bar or a game night. We can always use a wing woman!
  2. Just because I’m single and *insert age here* doesn’t mean I’m desperate. The 50-year-old bagger at the local Publix who decidedly ignored when he tried to holler at us in the store isn’t an option. In the same way you “just knew,” give us the benefit of the doubt to have that same experience when the time comes.
  3. We miss you. We like spending time with you. But there’s a strange phenomena that happens when a friend gets married; we stop seeing each other. Just know, we miss you. We miss laughing our heads off about silly things and cracking jokes 24/7. Obviously life changes but we appreciate the effort you put into remaining friends. You have become our family and we’re just not ready to give you up!
  4. Let’s just get this straight, we’re not crushing on your husband. However, we do want to connect with the person who you’ve chosen to do life with. We want to be able to be best friends with your husband because it just makes hanging out with you much easier.
  5. We love the words, “You’re invited.” Even if its dinner at 6pm or going to the park with you and the kids. We love begin invited to your crazy life and wont turn down quality time with you. Your value as a friend doesn’t change the day you get married.
  6. Being single is sometimes difficult but not for the reasons you may think. Especially if we don’t have family in town. We end up doing everything in our lives on our own from our car breaking down on the side of the road to preparing for a natural disaster. It’s in those times when we want people to help lift some of the burden we carry. So think of us during the next major hurricane.
  7. We will always be there for you. Through thick and thin, we will be here to support you, your marriage, your dreams, your kids, and everything else in between. We care for you and that will never change.


  1. Great advice/tips number be warn number 3 becomes more complicated when babies enter the picture, just be patient and supportive. Number 4 not sure if you have to be best friends, but friendly and respectful yes.


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