Post 25 Podcast: Black People Are the Best

Melissa Charles joins us for episode 4 of season 2. Melissa Charles is a facilitator, writer, organizer, scholar, activist and my cousin! If you know Mel, you know her passion lies in intentional, proactive activism which highlights multiple voices, encourages empowerment through storytelling and provides a multipartial approach to policy, law and education.  

She is currently at the University of California, Berkeley as the Assistant Director for African American Student Development. In her free time, Melissa can be found reading, watching Netflix, singing/rapping/dancing enthusiastically in her car, working towards her undercover dream to be a freestyler, putting things into online shopping carts with no intentions of buying them, chasing after spontaneous adrenaline-inducing experiences, or admiring Beyonce’s latest beyonceism.

Today she joins us for a podcast about her roots, life as a first-gen child, and how black people are actually the best.


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