5 Things Every Post-Twenty Five-er Wants for Christmas

It’s surprising how quickly the year seem to fly by as you get older. It feels like just yesterday I was writing down unrealistic new year’s resolutions and dreaming about where I would be in 12 months. But alas, the holidays have arrived and my goals for the have come and gone as well.

Next to Thanksgiving, Christmas is one of my favorite holiday seasons. As kids, our parents, aunts and uncles would wrap gifts and leave them under the Christmas tree for us each year. Starting around my 12th year of life, and with each subsequent year, the decorated pile of Christmas gifts slowly dwindled; either because purchasing gifts for 20 nieces and nephews is expensive or because we got older and only wanted gift cards. Either way, gift giving became more of a bonus of the season rather than an expected part of the holiday. And it was great! We still love getting together and still love the holiday season even without gifts.

Sounds very altruistic right?

However there was one side effect of our growing comfortability with a gift-less Christmas: we became horrible gift givers, especially when it comes to my friends (doesn’t everyone want a gift card?). I’ve literally had to research over the years and teach myself how to give good gifts. The holiday season can sometimes adds to the confusion and can leave any innocent gift-giver, inexperienced or professional, in a bind.

So, if you have a post twenty-five friend, child or coworker and are having a hard time figuring out what to get them this Christmas, look no further! Here are 5 things every post twenty-five-er wants for Christmas:

  1. The entire Chip & Joanna Gains collection at Target. Anything that can make my apartment look like it belongs on HGTV I’m down for.
  2. Paid off student loans. Might be a stretch, I know. But one can dream right?
  3. Just one week, all expenses paid trip to anywhere in the world. Or quality un interrupted time with our closest friends. Whichever come first.
  4. Dinner on you. It doesn’t have to be chipotle, but an unexpected dinner, no matter where, is such a blessing when you’re trying to ball on a budget.
  5. Sleep. And a nice and cozy fleece blanket to go with it.

But like I said, I’m the worst at giving gifts. 😉

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  1. This made me chuckle because it’s true. My nieces and nephews love number four ,and five 😅. I am also sure many individuals over the age of 25 want number two on your list 😂


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