7 Things That Post 25’s Really Want

Millennials get a bad wrap.

We are told we’re lazy, social media obsessed, narcissistic, entitled, and the list goes on. They say we don’t want responsibility. They say we care nothing about our fellow man except his opinion. To add to the media’s generalization of us and the unwarranted vitriol, our generation will most likely be the ones to face the ever growing college debt and change the financial consequences associated with it.

However despite all the discouraging generalities, I think its about time to speak up. There are so many articles about who we are and what we want, I figured its about time to set the record straight. Here are 7 things millennials really want:

  1. Authentic relationships. Whats weird is us Post Twenty-fives grew up watching the world change from the rotary phone to the modern smart phone. We’ve been a part of it all.
  2. Low stress roomates. Nothing can bring more stress into our day than a sub-par roommate. And what’s most frustrating is that if we could, we would live alone! We don’t require much; just normal housecleaning and and a rent check thats on time.
  3. Student loans to disappear. Gary Vee predicts that the next economic crisis will be because of the massive student loan debt most post twenty-fives deal with. What we really want is for those overpriced college bills to be forgiven or paid for.
  4. A bed frame. I haven’t slept on a real bed frame since I left my parents house. As a surviving P25er, you’ve got to cut corners where you can. That includes buying unnecessary furniture. Financial stability has been engrained in our DNA. After living through the recession as high school and college kids, we have been forever changed and have a different relationship with money than the generation before. We wait on things that aren’t considered needs because we know what its like to go without. However, it still would be nice to have that Pinterest perfect bedroom.
  5. We want to stay in our own lane. Not only that but we want to define what our lane is. There is so much competition in a social media saturated world. It becomes overwhelming to try and find your place when there are so many other people doing the same thing. Not only that, we are the generation that doesn’t want to live up to someone else’s expectations. We’re happy to connect with everyone, but please let us do us!
  6. To say no. The word “yes” has become so redundant and common to us that we say it before really thinking. Saying “no” to something gives us the freedom to say yes to the things we really want. Boundaries and establishing them is important to us.
  7. To make a difference. I’d like to think we are widely altruistic. We are not the lazy, unmotivated group media tends to portray us as. We care. And we hope that the things we do, from our shopping habits to where we invest our time, will make a difference in the life of another.
  8. A thriving and balanced social life. More than anything, one of the desires we P25ers have to to achieve a good balance of hard work, restful play, and great experiences with friends. In an effort to keep our lives forward moving, it can get hectic and stressful pretty quickly. Ultimately, a good balance is what we strive for. We want to leave our twenties with something to show for it.

We are more than the what is said about us and we refuse to live under the weight of those opinions. We choose to thrive and set our own path, taking selfies along the way.

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