The Only Two Types of People…

Forget the Enneagram or Meyers-Briggs. There are only two types of people in this world:

  1. Those who let the microwave run until it rings v.s. those who stop it right before it expires.                                      Microwave                                               (Did you guys ever pretend the microwave timer was a bomb when you were younger? No one? Just me? No big deal.)
  2. Those who like cold leftover pizza v.s. those who can only eat it hot.Cold Pizza.jpg
  3. Those who like reading hard copies v.s. electronic book readers.thought-catalog-575829-unsplash
  4. People who take up the whole bed v.s. people who barely move while they sleep. Sleep.jpg
  5. Dog people v.s. everyone else.isaac-davis-598918-unsplash.jpg (I mean…that face tho!!!)
  6. Emoji users v.s. non-emoji users.IMG_1058 2
  7. People who set one alarm v.s. people who have 7 alarms just to get up.Iphone Alarm
  8. Milk first v.s. cereal first.Cereal first
  9. Those who are content having thousands of unopened emails v.s. those who can’t stand it. (I am the latter. Just delete them!) disable-mail-notification-badge-ios-1a
  10. Those who park within the lines v.s. those who say “Good luck everybody else!” ParkingJust looking at that picture annoys me!

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