My P25 Life Goals (in no particular order)

I wrote a list of goals last week. And I mean real goals, not just the flowery ones that make me look like a good person. No, this list included both the passions of my heart for humanity and the desires of my heart for myself. As I was compiling this list, I realized my goals for myself have changed drastically in my late twenties. The things I jotted down for myself were far more directed and purposed in the same direction. Apparently, I have grown up over the years.

*praise break*

And of course, since I am constantly coming up with new material for this blog, I decided to share them with you all!

Why set goals? Whats the point of writing out a list of some of your most outlandish ideas? I think its because even if you never end up crossing off every line item, each goal gets you closer to the things that make you come alive. It points you in the right direction and even if you don’t land exactly at that goal, you’ll end up close enough to love the life you have lived. Writing a list helps you determine what is worth compromising and what is worth chasing.

So, here are 20 of my personal goals for my life (in no particular order):

  1. Visit Bora Bora and stay in an overwater bungalow. I mean, have you seen pictures?
  2. Write a best selling book and go on tour. This is the equivalent of an NBA championship ring for me.
  3. Do a TED Talk. Feel free to contact me people of TED. Feel free to refer me friends.  I’m definitely free!
  4. Live in France for at least 2 months. The “11 year old-Passport to Paris (if you know, you know) obsessed” Sophia would just die.
  5. Marry my husband. Thats right, from fumbling over the first date (because you know it will happen 😂) to letting myself be loved. I want to marry the heck out of that legend of a man.
  6. Build and manage a small business. I would love to lead a team of likeminded individuals while simultaneously helping them achieve their dreams as well.
  7. Keep a close relationship with my siblings. They are my ride or die. I can’t imagine life without them.
  8. Be a voice for social justice and radical social change in the church. More than anything I want to join an already steady movement and usher change through open conversations.
  9. Travel to all seven continents. Currently I have 5 left.
  10. Jump out of a plane. Which hopefully I’ll do by the end of this year!!! Stay tuned…
  11. Be a positive influence to young teens and people in their twenties. You can always use another person who believes in you.
  12. Throw a huge 30th birthday party. Cause I love getting dressed up and dancing the night away.
  13. Own and run a successful blog. Hopefully starting with this one. (so share it with your friends *wink wink*)
  14. Spread the Good News. And I guess if this list was in order, this would be number one.
  15. Be a part of a songwriting collective.  I love creative people and I love music. Why not bring the two together?
  16. Sing with a band at a festival or farmers market. Just once, thats all I ask.
  17. Remain transparent with my future children. Well step one is to have children I guess.
  18. Retire early…then go back to volunteer work again.
  19. Provide for my parents. Help them purchase land for an organic mango farm and let them return to things they really enjoy.
  20. Live with zest, wisdom, compassion, and humor everyday. 

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  1. can live in France and I’ll come visit. I’ll come with you to bora bora.
    2.Do you really want to go to Antarctica?
    3. You are already an positive influence on youth and people in their twenties, heck in their thirties. so you can replace that with another goal.
    4. CONTINUE sharing the good news because you already share it, God has provided a unique platform for you that’s different than others.
    5. I love that I am part of your story!!!

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