00’s TV Shows We Couldn’t Help But Watch as Kids

In 2000 I was a lanky 5th grade ready to graduate elementary school. Right around that age, my old school Haitian parents decided to pay for cable instead of the two bunny ear antennae we would manipulate in hopes of catching PBS. When they decided to make the jump from one channel to hundreds, we were immediately inundated with too more pop culture than we could digest including TRL and Real World (which we weren’t even allowed to watch).

By 2009 I was starting my freshman year in college. Needless to say, the shows my friends and I watched drastically changed over the years. As a result, I’ve split this list in three parts: kid, tweens, teens. Here are 12 childhood shows we all couldn’t help but watch as kids (forewarning: some of these may have started in the 90’s. Still if it was on after our TV upgrade, it counts! lol).

  1. The Proud Family-Proud FamilyCan I get an amen?! Anyone remember when Penny and her friends formed a band?
  2. Animaniacs/ One Saturday Morning- AnimaniacsSaturday Morning Classic!
  3. Hey Arnold-heyarnold.0Everyone had a love hate relationship with Helga in this show.
  4. Family Matters-Family Matters  “Did I do that?”
  5. The Famous Jett Jackson-Jett Jackson    I don’t know if anyone else remembers this show but this had to be out in the late 90’s all I know is I saw one episode at my cousin’s house while on holiday in Florida, and I was hooked!
  6. Rugrats-RugratsIf you don’t know Rugrats, what kind of childhood did you have?
  7. Full House-Full House I remember fighting with my friends over who was going to marry Uncle Jessie.
  8. Rocket Power-Rocket Power.jpg This how was part of the newer wave of kids shows but still a goodie.
  9. Doug-Doug.jpg “Dear Journal, hi! it’s me, Doug.”
  10. Powerpuff Girls-Powerpuff Girls Bubbles is my spirit animal.
  11. Recess- RecessThe episode where the Ashleys find out that Spinelli’s first name is Ashley was always my favorite!
  12. Dexter’s Lab-Dexter's LabMy siblings and I still have inside jokes with this show (“omlete du fromage,” “$2.89? Pu-lease!”)

There are so many other good shows. If there’s a show I missed that you loved as a kid, comment below! I am here for it!

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