10 Things No One Tells You About Post Twenty-five Life

There a many things I was told as a young 20-something about life. From saving money (which I didn’t), to how to score your dream job after college (which I kinda did), to making sure you actually clean or your roommates will hate you. But there are not as many helpful voices out there once you hit the second half of your twenties. Most conversations hover around topics like your plans to settle down or whether your current job offers an IRA plan. Life changes after 25. So for all of you who are about to enter your #posttwentyfives  years, here is a list of 10 things no one told me.

  1. You are now a “real” adult. No longer is it acceptable to be thinking about what you want to do with your life. There is an almost identical look of judgement from family, authority figures, professors, and “aduly-er” adults if your answer regarding your future is anything but stable.
  2. Forever 21 is no longer your go-to store. Yes y’all. Your beloved department store when you were 17 starts to become almost “too trendy.” And even if you find something you like and fit in, you will most likely only wear it on the weekends because crop tops don’t fit office dress code.
  3. The rate of your metabolism becomes sloth-like. Seriously, this one hurts. No one warns you that donut you eat in the morning will take double the time to “work off.” (or at least if they did mention this, they didn’t stress it enough!)
  4. Your salary will not support the private chef you desperately need. If your a post twenty-five you most likely have started moving up in a profession you like. However the average salary Google search you did before you applied for the job lied to you. The ultimate champagne taste on a beer budget; it’s expensive out there guys.
  5. You feel accomplished if you stay out past 11pm. Unlike your college years, you’ve become close friends with sleep. Late night plans are weighed against the inevitable wall of exhaustion you will hit the next day. Not only that but getting out of bed after a late night feels like you’ve spent 5 hours scaling down the Grand Canyon.
  6. Drinking with your friends is no longer centered around raves, frats or events. Catching up on the latest season of Grey’s Anatomy with a glass of wine and your closest friends becomes your social watering hole. Which makes complete sense considering recovering after a marathon night is no joke.
  7. You are no longer shiny and new. You start to notice how most of society leans towards the 18-24 year olds with excited anticipation. Getting used to that could be rough, but you start to try and live up to the promises you made when you were their age.
  8. Every conversation with your married friends eventually leads to scrolling their social media for the other post twenty-five single friends. It happens. Sometimes its a good thing; sometimes not. They mean well.
  9. Your hustle muscle kicks is in full gear. After 25, you start to let go of the things that slow you down and hinder your goals and start to cling to the things that give you life. The process an be painful, but its a welcomed necessity.
  10. You get to choose your family. I’ve been told you couldn’t choose your family, however after 25 I discovered that wasn’t true. One of the best things about your late twenties is that the people who stick with you, the ones you “do life” with, become your family. You are “auntie” or “uncle” to their kids, you stand by them at their weddings, you are the first call during any major life event and you begin to blend so seamlessly that friend becomes synonymous with family.

The #posttwentyfivelife summed up has the same energy of your young twenties with the added bonus of lessons learned from the first half of your second decade. But don’t ask us about the 30’s. We’re not there yet.

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