A Letter from a Black Haitian American Woman to Mr. Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

I’ve got to be honest, I don’t want to write this letter. I have publicly voiced my opinion on your leadership, the moral & ethical example you set, and your capability to unite a nation. Privately, I’ve housed a loathing for you in my heart that expressed itself in deep denial. You were not my President. Even if those words never left my lips, I thought them. And according to the faith tradition I hold dear, I have committed murder against you in my heart. All of that to say, my opinion of you hasn’t changed. However, I have been letting your actions dictate and have control over my response. All week I’ve been convicted and reminded who the ultimate authority is and what He says about the state of my heart.

With that being said, forgive me for not loving you as Jesus has instructed me to. You are my enemy; I don’t find this hard to admit. As a Christian, a true Christ following, Holy Spirit driven, child of God, it’s not enough for me to correct and criticize you from arm’s length (or a few states length) away. I am called to love you. And honestly, when I spoke to God about this one, I fought every urge in my body to justify me not loving you. Even in writing this letter, all of me wants to preemptively respond to the questions, accusations and criticisms I will receive not only from writing this but also posting it in a public forum. Mr. Trump, I can’t say that I love you the way Christ has instructed me to. I can’t say that I want to love you. But I want to, want to. And so, I pray that as the days and years go by, I would. I know it’s possible. I’ve learned from my family, community, church, co-workers, and friends who love me, that loving an imperfect person is possible. I’ve learned from my heroes, like Martin Luther King Jr., that the absence of tension doesn’t conquer hate, love does. And I’ve learned from my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that even the most unlovable wretch of an enemy, namely me, can be loved and accepted by a perfect God.

Mr. Trump, I probably won’t ever be on your team, but I have promised my God to love you and I will do just that.


Sophia Dolcine

A Black Haitian-American Woman

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