God of Miracles

Don’t you find it interesting that the Israelites used different names to address God in the bible?

They had so many names for God speaking to his character. I can only imagine that those names came from a place of desperate necessity to explain all that God had done, all they had seen him do.

I learned what it is to pray to the God of Miracles. The God who has more that we could ever ask for in the palm of his hands. I’ve learned to call Him Miracle Maker. So before I get ahead of myself, let me tell you the whole story.

Where to start? Well to say the least this summer has been one of the most rewarding and most trying summers I’ve had. I’ve learned so much about myself, some good, some bad. I spoke at a conference in New Jersey for the first time ever which was exciting, nerve-wracking, peaceful, and insane all at the same time. I went to Belle Glade for the 3rd year with my village and of course there was no shortage of the Spirit. And behind the scenes I struggled to discern the voice of God when those I love most were pointing the other direction.

Now I won’t go into full detail because the story hasn’t finished yet. That being said, I walked through one of the most heart-breaking weeks last week. It was tough. Not necessarily tough to walk through but tough to dwell in. The difference being, I could not do anything to rush out of that place. It didn’t depend on me. The only way to move on is over time. But a midst the pain, I was sure of what God called me to do and had complete peace. I asked my closest friends to pray with me, shared my heart with my work family and submitted my will to God which wasn’t easy.

Anywho, to speed this up a bit, a big part of my transition into this new season was me having a car. I, in a week, will drive anywhere within a 30 mile radius and I needed to be able to commute. So, in true adult fashion, I did my research and went out to hunt for a new car. If you know me at all I’ve said this a lot and if you know me only a short time you will hear me say it eventually, but I HATE haggling. I hate wheeling and dealing and shopping for the best price. I would rather pay full price than hunt for a sale. But when your bank account has zeros in the front not the back of that 1, there really isn’t a choice. Obviously I didn’t find a car, and left the lot never wanting to do that again. As I was driving home I started having a conversation with God, “That was torture! You know God how all these people say how you gave them a free car? Can I be one of those people? Can I have a free car?”  (3 minute pause) “But you know what, I’ve saved and budgeted for a used car so if thats what I have to do I’ll do it. Just lead me to the car.” I turned on God of Miracles by Chris McClarney and began to pray/sing those words until i arrived to my destination.

Weird right?

So Thursday, August 13th, I went into work as usual, not really stressing about the car or my home situation. It was a normal day. That morning, my co-workers and I spoke about God’s will, patience, waiting on God’s timing and being content in whatever season you’re in. We, for a good 45mins, encouraged each other and spoke the truth of God’s character over our situations. Less than an hour later my friend Zoe walks to my office with her phone in her hand and goes, “So you won’t guess what my friend just texted me. She wants to know if i know of anyone in need of a car.” I looked at her in shock as she walked away to call her friend, honestly thinking I would get lucky to pay a couple thousand dollars but not expecting any thing more. So I kept on with my day and went on my lunch break.

Not 30 minutes later, Zoe calls me crying, “You got the car!”

“What? What do you mean?”

“You got the car! I just spoke with Ashley and she want to give you the car.”


“Yep. For free,” she said in tears.

To say I was shocked is a severe understatement. Being someone who processes information slowly I didn’t really know how to react. How did a stranger, who was in no way connected to me, have the desire to give me a car? Later Zoe told me that her friend was making an omelet for breakfast when God told her that her car did not belong to her anymore. So she set out, by the direction of the Spirit, to find out who the car belonged to. She wanted to give it to it’s owner. I had no idea that person would be me.

There is so much more and so much that has happened since that day. I can tell you God not only used this to build my faith for myself but he also used something as simple as a car to fuel the faith of my co-workers, friends, and family. Even though my heart was broken, it was almost as if God purposely did something extravagant to say, “See I will never leave you. I love you. You are taken care of, just keep following me.”

So in all of this I hope your faith is stirred. I hope you come to know the depths of God’s love. I hope that whatever season you’re in you pray expectant for great things.  I always knew God as my father, friend, master but I can tell you as a witness that I know the God of Miracles.


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