The Reason I Sing

I sing because there was a time when I did not have the words to even speak

Speak up or out or wherever to get me out of this prison

This prison that held me captive and terrified

Terrified day in and day out, with no words to speak but instead a mask of normalcy took the place of the words never uttered

Never uttered, never stumbled, never hummed, or even stuttered because being real, being vulnerable, was just too painful

Painful lies bombarded my mind every day and soon my voice was no more than a whisper and in its place was one more vile and toxic

Toxic and destroying it ate away at my soul

My soul gasped, fighting for air, fighting for the first word that could save me, HELP!

Help! And with that one word I desperately clawed at the walls of this so called reality I had created

Created with a purpose, I looked to my savior

My Savior, all at once, rescued, ransomed, redeemed me and called me his own

His own born anew into freedom, into his family, as his daughter

Daughter of the King, I could now speak, I had the power to sing

To sing of the righteousness of His salvation all day long

Long I had waited for a taste of true freedom and now, enveloped in the arms of my Savior I did not only have freedom, I was a masterpiece story of freedom

Freedom is the reason I sing

I sing because there was a time when I did not have words to even speak

But spoken into me were words more powerful than the spirits of this world, more powerful than anything imagined or created by human minds

You are Loved

You are Loved

You Are Loved

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