“Give thanks to the Lord, call upon his name, make known his deeds among the peoples, proclaim that his name is exalted. “Sing praises to the Lord, for he has done gloriously; let this be made known in all the earth.” Isaiah 12:4-5

No its not Thanksgiving and nothing incredibly huge has happened, but this whole week I’ve been thinking on how God has blessed me and I can’t help but be thankful. Right now I pause, freeze life for just a moment, and share what I’m thankful for.


– I’m thankful for my family. This summer was such a huge blessing for my family because for the first time for a long time, my whole family lived under one roof. Every Monday night we met and spoke about Jesus just like we used to when we were kids. My siblings and I carved out time to hang out, adventure, and just do nothing around each other. I cant say how much of a blessing it was to have my best friends living with me again and even more than that, have God infiltrate our conversation. Through the sharing of our faith and the confiding in each other, God opened eyes and answered prayers in a way I couldn’t even imagine. I cannot be more thankful for the ones who stick with me no matter what. Selah.

– I’m thankful for family outside my family. Lyne and Gianna have been such rocks of support. They hear all the muck and gunk that most people don’t know about me. They call me out, call me up, encourage me, laugh at my jokes and roll their eyes at the “punny” ones. They have literally walked with me through storms and I’m blessed to call them my best friends. Selah.

– I’m thankful for my new-er friends Janelle, Ivy and Diane. Each of them are special to me but this Monday as they spoke words of encouragement over my life and prophesied over my future with their words, I couldn’t help but get all emotional. I don’t think there is another group of women that I can trust with the things of my heart. Every time we meet, I’m refreshed and reminded of why I started walking this road in the first place.

– I’m thankful for my job. If you told me 7 months ago that these people I work with would become my family, I wouldn’t have believed you; I had never experienced that before. But 7 months later I can’t even begin to explain how much they mean to me. I have never been in such a position where I’m stretched, pushed, loved, and had so many nicknames (Soul-fiah, Baby Genius, and Brown Velvet to name a few.) Even sitting writing about them fills my heart with joy. It’s funny because you pray for things with hope that they would come to pass but not knowing exactly how. Nutramedix is exactly that, an unexpected blessing.

– I’m thankful for my CFStudent family. From the staff to the volunteers to the students. I’ve been serving with them for almost 4 years now and if you know anything about me, that is a long time to commit. I can’t even commit to using the same color pen in one day. But despite my crazy dancing, weird awkward interjections and overall cheesiness, they, for the past 4 years, have committed to investing in me.

– I’m thankful for vision and dreams that God has planted in my heart and the seeds of promise that have yet to bloom. Selah.

-I’m thankful for worship ministry I serve under. When people ask me about what I feel called to, its easy for me to say the next generation and worhsip. They are both similar but also polar opposite in how they affect my soul. Worship is where I feel the most me. And the people I serve with now walk with me through all of the insecurities and triumphs of being a human serving an amazing God in this way. The impact Students has had on my life is public; I can almost quantify it. But worship, I can’t quite explain. It pulls out of me desires that life has snuffed out and revives them. It’s unexplainable.

-And most of all, above all, I am thankful for a God who not only gives me the privilege of seeing his face in all these things, but also is the reason why I can be thankful in the first place.


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