A Prayer

What a deep dark curse death is.

Its a despicable, disgusting, violating tear in this world.

In every aspect it disrupts and leaves behind a wave of sadness rippling in the lives of the affected. I cant help but grieve when faced with death, part because of the loss felt and part because this wasn’t what God planned for us when he created us. We were supposed to reflect every part of him; his mercy, beauty, faithfulness, and most of all, life. And so looking at the after effect of death I am washed with sadness. This wasn’t what life was meant to be.

Then as my mind begins to wander, the hauntingly beautiful side of this mess is revealed. God used what the devil meant to separate us from His glorious plan to sew the tear and calm the waters. Through death, God gave new life and so my heart is overwhelmed with thanks and a new perspective. Death, once that was vile and disgusting, serves as a landmark for our souls, a reminder of what God has done. He has saved us from the curse of everlasting death and has restored every part of us. So when I think of those that pass I am comforted that they are now fully healed, whole, lacking nothing, and praising the Lord of all creation. How beautifully magnificent that the will of God was brought to completion.


Heal my heart from the tears this world tries to inflict upon me. To those suffering from the effects of death shelter them. Hide them in your wings and protect their minds from the depression and lies they hear. Surround them with love overflowing and family to be their caretakers. Keep them rooted in who you are, not in what is often wrongly attributed to you. Lord your will is sovereign and can be trusted. Help us to remember that, especially me. In everything, we seek to glorify you and point towards your majesty. Help us to set our minds on you. I love you and am grateful for your death that brought me life.

Your Beloved Daughter,


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