Hey all!

For the past month I’ve taken a bit of a break from blogging. This break has been such a blessing. Nearing the end of my college career finals are kicking my butt. I was swamped with papers and presentations so it was good to have one less thing on my list. I have now regrouped and figured out where I want to take this blog.

I’ve implanted changes as far as the way I categorize each post, the name, and even down to what words I emphasize.  I’ve revamped my vision for this blog and wanted to make it simple and easy to read. I know that personally when i read blog the simpler and cleaner it is the more likely I am to calm down and actually read whatever is being written. I’ve been blogging on Blogger for almost 2 years  and haven’t found a format that best suits my vision so… I’ve moved to WordPress!  Now I have no idea if this is a permanent move. But I’m going to try it out for 6 months and  see if it works. So far there are a lot of pros to switching and a couple cons but I’m gonna commit for 6 months then take it from there. What my main goal in all of the changes that are coming about is for you to better understand the love God has for you. I hope that even if you’re not a christian, maybe this will open your eyes to why I believe the things I do and if you are a daily, live-in, live-out, Christ follower, I hope you will gain encouragement and strength by reading what He is doing through me.

One other major change is the name of my blog. I named my blog “To Sing His Song” because I want to live a life that sings worship. Music is a huge part of my life and I sing or play often. But in the same way God uses my voice or instruments to move and stir hearts, the plan is for this blog to stir souls too. I want to sing God’s song with my life so that there is no mistaking that God is in the center and on the throne of my life.

I’m super excited to start writing again and I’m itching to tell you so much but its going to have to wait a bit. As I’m still transitioning and getting used to WordPress I pray that you be patient with me. I wont have a regular postings until January 2013. I have maybe 2 to get us through the new year. I also hope to incorporate a lot more photos and different things that inspire me. Basically, hang in there. Thanks so much for reading and caring!



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