I decided to ask myself some questions

What are your beauty routine secrets?
Welp, I wash my face…But seriously I like to keep my face/hair/body stuff to a minimum. Most days I wash my face, moisturize, put on mascara and eyeliner for that glam factor, then go. And on the days I’m feeling extra vivacious; I leave off the eye stuff and go au naturale. Not to say I don’t wear makeup or don’t enjoy wearing it, just I usually don’t want to spend much time on it. On the days that I do want to spend time getting all dolled up, the most important thing for me is primer. It mattifies my face so I don’t look shiny and greasy. 

As far as my hair goes I only wash it once a week. My hair is super dry so leaving it be for a week has been amazing. Yes, that does mean that when I sweat if it hasn’t been a week I don’t wash my hair. (audience que:  Ew gross!) But no worries, I usually wear my hair up anyways so you could never tell. 

What kind of music do you like?

Well, I’m glad you asked me. I will listen to almost anything. I tend to stay away from country and screamo but most everything else is up for grabs. Now if you want to know what artists I could listen to over and over then look at my iTunes. I like a lot of music but about 40% of what I listen to actually moves me enough for me to buy it.  I absolutely love when someone sings the way they speak. I especially love unique voices like Tyrone Wells, James Morrison, or Corinne Bailey Rae. I’d like to think of myself as some sort of cool indie music connoisseur but I’m not. If you ever quiz me about music to see what I know I’ll make stuff up and act like I’m right.

I know you’re all wondering so I’ll go ahead and nip this in the butt (bud?) now. I do listen to music other than Christian music. lol. Just needed to be said. Right now I tend to listen to Eric Whitacre, Jadon Lavik (even though some of his songs are country-esque), Daniela Andrade, Afro Blue, and Leah Smith. That’s the very abbreviated list. Actually it’s the “look-at-the-recently-played-list-on-itunes-and-pick-the-first-five” list.

What do you frequently dream about?

I have this reoccurring dream since I was a kid that I used to have all the time. I dreamt I was a power ranger and my sister, two cousins, and my brother were power rangers with me. In my dream, we would start in the backyard of our house in New Jersey fighting Putties (is that how you spell it? Putty singular?) Those are the lame bad guys they always fight before the main event on the TV show. Then the main bad guy would show up and somehow we went from in our backyard to a street a mile down the road. Of course I, as the yellow ranger (because pink ranger was too much of a wimp,) would come in and somehow, with my superhuman gymnastic-karate moves, I would always save the day. Yea…not much has changed. I don’t have this dream as often but when I do, I’m always kicking butt.

Chipotle, Moe’s, or Qdoba? 
don’t even know how to compare them. I feel like Moe’s and Chipotle aren’t even on the same spectrum. They have two separate ideas about their food and both execute fairly well. If i’m feeling like having some clean, healthier  mexican-ish food then I’m going to Chipotle. If I feel like having food with a little more grit to it, its gotta be Moe’s. Now if you asked me to choose between Taco Bell and Moe’s, its Moe’s hands down turn around. I don’t even eat at Qdoba but I have liked their stuff in the past but I wouldn’t pick them over the other two. 

Obama or Romney?
The one with the nicest hair. (I know I’m going to get the “how ignorant” comments where people urge me to get educated and all that hoopla so let me say right now, this statement is meant for comic relief.  Or maybe I’ll get people trying to convince me the candidate they support has better hair. That would be funny. My point is: no one needs to know who I vote for.)

Are you always so serious?
No, I’m actually really weird. The thing is, this blog is all about God and what he’s doing which is usually pretty deep. You don’t get to see erm…read about the fun/weird/shallow-as-a-kiddy-pool side of me. In real life I try to be funny even though most times I’m only funny to myself. I try and enjoy life and often get cheek cramps from smiling so much. I like to think of myself as the queen of cheesy dancing and can be caught pulling a few moves like the shopping cart or the sprinkler out of my bag-o-tricks. Yes, you see a lot of seriousness and introspection which I’m not gonna lie happens often when I’m alone or create that time to think. But outside of that space I’m not as serious. 

I am serious about ice cream though, which by the way has become the bane of my existence since I’m slowly developing more severe lactose intolerance. And I’m serious about writing. I love it and want to write the rest of my life. 

Hope you enjoyed this interview…with myself.

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