Post 100.

This is the hundredth time I have sat down in front of my laptop scouring my brain for words that suit what runs through my head. A 100 times I have stared out my window when words for my feelings aren’t enough. It feels like I had million things to say, all in 100 posts. That’s a big number. There is something about those two zero’s.

Yet, dissatisfaction settles in the trenches of my soul because i know that writing 100 times more would not be enough to tell of everything God has done for me. 100 doesn’t even touch how many times he’s saved me, how much he loves me. I am so thankful for all of you that read, even if you haven’t read all 100. I just hope in this you hear 1 million times louder how much Jesus loves you. One million times one million.


Thats the number of times I have published a blog post. Here’s to 200!

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