Heartfelt Music

Wow. Its been a really long time…


Anyways, I have about 4 blog posts in the works that I have finished/working on/ideas of to put up within the next two weeks to make up for the absence. I’ve been so focused on school and guitar and work I haven’t made time to write and I need that. It helps me sort through thoughts and makes me focus on my relationship with God and people. So here are two videos. One is me singing. I said in a earlier post that I’m going to be actively pushing myself as far as singing goes. That’s what the first one is for. The second is an indy artist Kina Grannis. She is a self made youtube singer who rejected a major record label contract and took a shot at singing for herself. Her voice is amazing and I have so much respect for her and what she does. This is her latest music video. It has a mainstream catchy pop sound which I wasn’t sure if I would like but the music video sold me. Be sure to check out her other music:

Enjoy and keep watch for new posts!

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