Love is Real

Tomorrow my friend is getting married. Weddings are the type of events that God uses to let me know that love is real. A midst all the stress, planning for months on end, the little squabbles and big fights, somehow, on that day, a bride and a groom stand before each other, recite vows, and declare a covenant of love sealed with a kiss. Love is such a beautiful thing. If you had asked me a year ago if I was remotely ready to live the rest of my life with one person I would have said absolutely not. Reflecting on who I was and where I am now, would I be ready to get married? Yes. Am I looking for someone? Not really. God has given me such great assurance in this; that what He has planned will come to pass in my life. I know that one day I will be married with kids and all the stuff that comes with that, but I live my life for today because I know that even though I am assured of God’s plan for me in the future, He also has a plan for me now. Its up to me to fulfill His plan for me today, and keep a hope for the future.

Tomorrow my friend is getting married. I cannot express the joy my heart carries for her and her future husband. Tomorrow she will walk down the aisle, stare into the eyes of the man she loves, and be in the fullness of God’s will. That is love. It’s beautiful. It’s real.

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