Salvation Assured

(a collab by Amanda Grace and Sophia Dolcine)

I heard of this man named Jesus
They say that he died on a tree
king of the Jews, a savior to all
Sounds a little elusive to me.

I passed by a man amid a large crowd
Paul, they said was his name
He spoke of things I just couldn’t believe
Before he was taken in chains.

Paul spoke of all the men that he’d killed
The women he’d taken to jail
He spoke of a light, which blinded his eyes
But his story could not buy him bail.

Why would this honorable man of the Jews
Want to give up his place of esteem,
To honor a God that let his son die
A god I think no one has seen?

If He was the messiah, the king we’ve awaited,
would a crown of thorns make his blood shed?
Doesn’t this Paul know his savior has died?
Is this poor man out of his head?

I walked back home and I saw the old beggar
Standing by the side of the well
Was this not the man who was said to be lame?
I walked over to see if he’d tell.

I asked the old man,
“Sir, weren’t you lame? And what do you know of the Christ?”
The old man beamed and spoke to me
“I was lame and healed by God’s light.”

“I was taken to see the man they called Jesus
By friends who like me, believed.
I knew that He could heal my legs
But not that he could set my soul free.

My friends made a hole in the top of the roof
And lowered me to where Jesus talked.
And then my child, the Christ looked at me
He said “take up your mat and walk.”

But had my savior left me crippled and lame
Still I would praise him and sing,
For the greatest healing, was the forgiveness of sins
My spiritual life from the king.

The Pharisees, for all their laws
Were missing this from the start
Love is of God, child and Jesus was love
This is what set him apart.

Also, my child, don’t you know?
Our savior is not held by a stone
He has risen again, for the glory of God
For the purpose of bringing you home.”

I left the man with a longing inside
To believe in these miracles of hope.
I know I feel that I want to believe
But is my heart in a place too remote?

I know they’ve said He is the image
The firstborn of all creation
The head of the church, the fullness of God
Was his blood shed for my salvation?

Why would the God of the whole universe
Come down as a man and then die?
I noticed I was running now,
with tears streaming down from my eyes.

They say he is just, that he brings relief,
But killing Jesus wasn’t fair!
Could this merciful king have a plan for my life?
Could I have enough faith to get there?

Could the grace of this God use someone like me
To bring honor to his powerful name?
And how can I feel worthy of him
When he died to bear all my shame?

Could this resurrection, the promise of life
This salvation, which the beggar rejoiced
Be worth all the trials, which Paul suffered through
Would God even hear my small voice?

I stopped running and heard a whisper
Small firm and full of peace
It said “I love YOU princess.
Accept my message, my love, my release.”

I fell to my knees, my cup overflowed
Humbled I sang and I danced
the God of this love, and this beautiful grace
wanted me as a part of his plans

Jesus exalted, at who’s name I did bow
I confessed him that day to be mine
My father, my savior, the one who is worth
My death, but even more, my whole life.

Paul lost it all, but really he finished
The race in which I now run
as I fight to tell the world of this love
I know my praises will never be done.

And so because of this great love
Because of a man who beat death
I need never feel guilt, or die in my sin
I’ll be seated with Jesus instead.

A great man a good man, a carpenter no less
A man who embodied God’s grace
A man who served others, did not look like a king
A man the world tried to disgrace,
It’s this man in whom I will place all my faith
This man who I know was the word
This is my savior, the real son of God
Who brought me salvation assured.

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