525,600 minutes

 A year. Its been a year since I’ve started blogging. A year has passed, four seasons have come and gone. God has put me through so much this year. A lot of good things, like this blog, have happened in the last 12 months and a couple really crappy things too. I just want to thank whomever is reading for taking the time to read. As of today I have had 3,383 views on my blog. Not all that much but that does mean that every month, about 281 times, my stuff is seen. That’s flattering in and of itself. Thank you for your comments, emails, encouragements, etc. As far as where this will go next year, I have no idea. I started this blog because Facebook notes weren’t cutting it and I needed a space to write like I had an audience. I think even if no one reads another one of my posts I’ll still write. This has become such an outlet to my life and God has done GREAT things here! So here’s to another year! Love you all!

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