What is going on?

Passion 2012 was absolutely amazing! I am so thankful that God provided a way for me to go and experience Him in such a powerful atmosphere.  This the first of probably five other posts about passion so i’m sorry if this lacks detail. I heard so many stories of how God completely shattered peoples lives for his glory and I cant help but stand in awe at this power. We sang, all 45,000, declaring God’s authority over our lives, accepting His grace and living in complete surrender. We actually sang so loud people could hear it outside the dome. Here is a story about their reaction:

“After Louie Giglio shared the story about the janitor talking with one of the passion workers, myself and my college group encountered a homeless man at a gas station later that day. As we began to talk to him, he began to say how awesome it was to hear all of the people praising God even though he was outside of the dome. Our college minister then asked, “what is all of the people around town saying about the conference?” The homeless man then said, “everybody keeps coming up and asking me what is going on? They all feel something in their chests but does not know what it is.” Just like the janitor told one of the passion workers a day earlier! He began to say how he explained to the other homeless people what was going on at the dome. The Lord was truly moving throughout the entire town of atlanta! And around the world.” -Bracy Clark

It was an absolutely amazing experience and I cant wait to go back next year. I’ll be writing more but now I have got to catch up on my sleep. 

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