Why I Have A Love/Hate Relationship with Pintrest

So if you haven’t heard of Pintrest (which i always pronounce pin-intrest) you are missing out. Its basically a virtual cork board. You scan through pictures of recipes or DIY projects and you pin them to your board to save them for when you will use them (which honestly never really happens.) The pictures are organized into categories in order to make it easier for you to find something you might like. You share these with your friends and essentially start pinning everything under the sun.

So here’s my problem with Pintrest, besides the fact that it’s a procrastination station on crack. I always find my self looking through the “wedding and events” category of pictures.And its not just me. Almost every single girl on Pintrest, which is a lot considering 99% of the users are female, has a board on her “Dream Day” or her “Happily Ever After.” Now I’m not knocking all you pinners out there because I admit I have a “wedding stuff” board as well but it prompted me to consider what I really wanted and what girls seem to be saying. Obviously we are all made for relationships and its safe to assume that if God hasn’t called you to remain celibate for his work then He has someone else in the world that He has made for you to live your life with in marriage. But sometimes we make being in love with a person an idol in our lives. For example, there is a site called tomyfuturespouse where people can leave notes to their future husbands or wives. Some of them are funny, a lot of them are cute, but some scream of an intimacy that I’m not convinced can come from one person. These are a couple posts on http://tomyfuturespouse.tumblr.com/:

“To My Future Husband:
I lay awake at night and think about what our future may be like; you’re the only thing that’s constant.”

“To My Future Husband:
I seriously can’t wait to meet you. I know you’re going to be perfect.
You may not think so, but you’ll be perfect to me.”

“To My Future Wife:
I long for the day when I come home from a business trip and you’re at the airport waiting for me.”

(ok this last one was just for those of you who like to say”awww”)
The thing about these posts is we don’t immediately shake our heads and realize that behind some of these is an idol of “love.” Not the love God talks about in the bible but the self satisfying love that we have traded real Love for. I can’t help but feeling a hint of longing or sadness when reading this. this feeling is most accurately described in the German word “sehnsucht.” There is no English translation for this word so defining it is difficult. It desribes a feeling of desire for something that we tend to call romanticism or nostalgia. But you and I both know its deeper than that.
“[Love and a desire for it] are good images of what we really desire; but if they are mistaken for the thing itself they turn into dumb idols, breaking the hearts of their worshippers. For they are not the thing itself; they are only the scent of a flower we have not found, the echo of a tune we have not heard, news from a country we have never yet visited.” -C.S. Lewis
This desire can only be filled by one. Its place is meant to be kept sacred for Him. So I challenge all you pinners and tmfs-ers to look at your hearts and really figure out what you want. Is it “love” or something more?

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