Dear Younger Me…

There is so much I wish you knew back then. But then again I’m not sure you wold have been ready for it. I want you to know first and foremost that when you scoured over books about teen dating you shouldn’t skip the part where it says a relationship with God trumps anything with a boy. I remember you skimmed over that part with a “Yeah right” attitude but it really is true. And when you realize that, it will rock your world with such satisfaction. Its what you’re looking for.

I’m thankful for the optimism you maintained. You’ll come to learn it was more of a God thing than anything else.

I want you to know that when those kids tease you its because they didn’t understand who you were. You are beautiful and shouldn’t try to fit it. All of that felt inauthentic anyway.

You have a knack for writing. If you stop trying to be what people want you to be you would realize the talent God has given you. Be more expressive about what you really want to do. Go sing, act, be silly. There is no pressure to be perfect.

You know that boy in 7th grade doesn’t look at you the way you want? Turns out he now has a Jew fro and a McNasty beard now so you really dodged a bullet there.

I know you think you’ll always be “one of the boys” but not forever. (oh and p.s. you never get a hang of flirting or any of that stuff. You will be extremely awkward so just embrace it. That’s what I did.)

 I know its hard right now to feel comfortable in your own skin but that passes like time. There is nothing wrong with you, just a broken world with seriously broken people. Don’t let what they do or say about you make you fear life. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Believe it and don’t forget to remind future you. She forgets sometimes.

I know you are longing for a best friend. You learn that your definition of best friend is what God should be. Cherish the friends you have now because years down the line you’ll discover they are Christians too.

One day there will come a time where you will know exactly what your purpose here on earth is. You are actually going to speak it into existence before you even realize it. That was God’s doing. Just remember that when things get tough.

Always know that God loves you and he is perfect. Choose to believe that everything happens for the good of those who love Him. Not just good like an A+ good but like warm, cozy, chocolate good. You have people around you who love you and think you’re extraordinary even if you don’t. Keep that naive heart. Keep that intense love for people. Keep believing that good does prevail.

Lastly, have fun. laugh. Smile. I mean that huge smile that shows all your pre-braces teeth. Trust me, you have your whole life to be serious. Not now. Just be the girl who enjoys singing on the swing set, listening to the marching band in August. Those will be the moments you miss the most.

With all my love,
Your older Self

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