My Dream

Just wanted to share with you all what my dream for my life is. I wrote this a while ago and felt a need to put it up on the blog today. I encourage you all to write down your dream whether it be big or small because this little piece of my conviction to become what i was created to be has provided me with so much encouragement. Its super important to me to write it down to declare that this is what i’m going to do. this isn’t some literary masterpiece, its just my dream.

I am going to become an influential Christian speaker and writer for high school and college aged girls.
Bachelors in Biblical Studies to improve my understanding of the bible
Intern at church to understand how to run a ministry
Get position of leadership in women’s and high school groups
Write a book and market it to get published
Seek out speaking opportunities
Trust God to lead me to where, how far and how successful
Apply for internship/job at revolve tour/women of faith
Current Work:
Work on writing style
Read the bible cover to cover
Study different speakers and find a style that suits me
Save money for future plans just in case I move
Build a team of like minded people to support me and look for opportunities for me
Always make sure I’m not the only one to befit from all I do
Pay the Price for the dream

“My belief in myself should outweigh my fears.”
In 5 years:
On staff at church
Promoting/Publishing my first book
Working with Revolve
“God will help me be all that I can be but he wont help me be someone else.”
Jeremiah 29:10-14  Remember future Sophia, God always has plans.

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