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You’re not funny and your jokes suck.

I had to say it. Its been bugging me for the longest time and someone had to say something.

Negative and vulgar humor has taken such a prime role in our society’s humor, its weird to sit through a stand up comedy without it. Even worse, most Christians avert to using these same jokes while claiming to love everyone as God does.

“The subject of your joke is made worthless by your words.”

If you’re filling your jokes with the f-bomb, boobs, Jews, blacks, fags, women in the kitchen, or any other topic you haven’t grown up enough yet to understand, you’re not funny.

It’s not a big deal? I beg to differ.

Dear Truth,
There’s a little bit of you behind every one of me.

Think about the truth that you are agreeing to when you make or laugh at those jokes.I believe you can be funny without taking a jab at someone else.


Read for the original

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