Under Construction: Runaway Bride

So this is a poem (song?) I’ve been working on for a while and I just cant get anything to sit right with me as far as the flow or lyrics. I’m trying to talk about my tendency to run from God but it just sound so…cheesy. Anyway, I need some constructive criticism and some feedback. Leave comments below.

Feels like I’m caught in a constant battle 

against what I’ll become
It’s a constant war against myself 
Struggling not to run 
My flesh, constant reminder
of my frail depravity
but also of a greater work in me

So God, keep me nearer so I can hear your breath
Stir my soul to need you and bind up my flesh
Hold me tighter, to your heart 
Never let me go
I wanna be right by your side                                                                     
Love your Runaway Bride

If all my body wants to do
Is run fast far away from you
Yet I’m here, I can conclude
that Jesus took my running shoes.

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