Obscure Angry Post

Almost every facebooker has an obscure angry post about someone or something. Maybe its residual teen angst or the compulsion to say something, but its really getting out of hand. Words like “haters” or “some people” are laced so often in their writing you start to question if this post was really worth reading which, by the way, doesn’t happen until you’re halfway through and you might as well finish what you’ve started. For example, an obscure angry post might look like this:

Finally connected all the dots. It’s a shame I’ve been calling you my friend this whole time. And I didn’t even notice that knife right behind me.”
“Haters can go ahead and say what they wanna say. I know who my true friends are.” 

Most times the situation isn’t all that important and ends up reading like an over exaggerated telanovela. Regardless,I’ve decided my blog needs an angry post and its time I let out my frustrations. Here are my top 10 angry posts.

1) Leggings/Jeggings are not acceptable pants. That is an absolute ipso facto. I cannot tell you how much this has been bothering me since the rise of 80’s fashion recently. Working in a clothing store I see people bravely walk up to the counter and pay for these atrocities everyday. I actually own a pair (birthday gift) which is why I hold firmly to this; if you are not about to go to sleep or dance in a revival of footloose they should not be worn in public.

2) Parking lines are NOT suggestions. Solid lines mean do not cross. Now next time you happen to tip over the line of demarcation just politely back out and try again. Don’t worry, I wont mind. Btw use your signal if you want the spot instead of charging at 20 mph.

3) So the 10 items or less aisle doesn’t mean you can get a 10 for 10 deal and call it one item. For some reason some people tend to ignore this especially at Walmart. There is something about that store…

4) Please do not prolong class with your inane questions. Take some time after class to ask the teacher not when there are 200 other people waiting to leave.

5) Don’t take 20 napkins, use one, then throw the rest away, The trees will thank you for it.

6) Apostophes are your friends. There is a difference between your and you’re.

7) Staring is creepy. Enough said.

8) Your legs bend at the knees. Normally that means to walk you bend your knee and pick up your feet. The whole scuffing across the floor is unacceptable.

9)TyPing LiKe tHiZ or LIKE THIS is just too uncomfortable to read. In my mind you are either 12 years old or yelling at me.

This last one I actually think is good in moderation
10) Using abbrevs. Abbreviations are helpful and definitely have their place in regular conversation but things like “tots” (totally), “obvs’ (obviously), or even “deff” are just not okay.

I feel so much better. lol. Well that’s it… for now.

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