Day One: 21 Day Challenge

O my goodness God is so good!

Ok so about a week and a half ago I was thinking about my prayer group and how much they mean to me and how I was going to miss them but most of all how we could still be a part of each others lives and still have the same experience. I was on youtube and often times people put up challenges or contests for their veiwers to win prizes. I stumbled upon this one youtuber and what she said had a powerful impact on me. She was basically giving her viewers a pep talk and of course i had no idea what the challenge was or who she was but she said a couple of things that struck me. She told her veiwers that after 21 day of sticking to something it develops into a pattern and eventually a habit. i had heard this before but didnt remember it until that point. She also said there is no such thing as failure.

In my mind I’m thinking “Well yeah there is.” but as I started thinking about it I realized it was more of a mindset you need to have when reaching a goal than a philosophical statement. My focus this year has been dicipline in my faith. I relied too much on highs and lows to determine my spiritual status and between those moments would lose time in the monotonous. I would set out to dicipline myself but once I failed I would get so down on myself and stop trying. I would set dates to restart and never actually start. Dicipline is such a hard virtue to aquire. So upon watching this video a spark lit up in my mind. What if i work with my body and concentrate on one thing to be diciplined on for 21 days. Obviously by the end of those 21 days I would still have to work on it but it would be easier after consistently focusing on it. Thats where the 21 Day Challenge started.

I told my prayer group about it and originally I thought it would be just us. I mean I didnt want anyone else to know my deepest secrets and I had become so close to these girls. God had bigger plans. I started the group invited the three of them but also invited people I trusted from my old church, phi lamb and family to the group as well. I mean it wouldnt hurt. I figured only 5 people will participate anyway. Well one of my friends and prayer group girls, Devon, ended up inviting a whole bunch more people, most of them have no idea who I am. At first I was a little freaked out that they would find this whole thing hoaky but they started accepting and loving the idea. So I invited more of my friends and honestly waited for a reaction. You know youre in God’s will when Satan tries to bring you down. As soon as I saw a certain person reject who I thought would support me or be slightly interested in what I was doing I started to ask myself why whould this person not want to do it? I mean the least they could have done was say maybe. Then I started thinking about other things I had involved this person in and told myself, “This person has never supported me on anything!” I realized after talking it out with a friend that God was making this sucessful and it was in His hands. My job was to keep this open for the people who were there not focus on the people who weren’t.

Its the end of the first day and already God has done so much. I have that giddy feeling when I realize how much he loves me and what he’s doing with this challenge. I dont know where this is going in the future. I hope to do this every summer from now on and hopefully one day have a website for it seperate from facebook for those whose goal it is to get off of facebook but we’ll see. For now I am so blessed. THIS IS DAY ONE.

If you would like to learn more about this challenge visit:!/event.php?eid=143795015690481&index=1
this is the public event. I’m trying to protect everyones privacy and not give out the group link until you have accepted the event. We are genuinly trying to do something for God and I dont want any crazies messing that up. lol. If you would like to talk to me directly email me at

First day COMPLETED!

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