Loves of My Life

A couple of important people that you should know about…

 My Dad

My Mom

My Sister Vastille

My Brother Greg

My Brother Junior
My Cousins (minus Cyndie and Valerie)
As far as my UCF family goes…
p.s. I’ve decided I dont like the term “best friend” because technically I consider all of you best friends, but as the title would suggest, you can only technically have one “best” friend and i just dont think thats fair. lol
Flavia, my big sister and Isabell, my twin sister

Fernanda, my soul mate

Erin Conte, my best friend

Devon, my best friend (um…we dont have any normal pictures together. lol)
Stacy, my best frand
So yeah, those are pretty much some people you should know. These people have had such a huge impact on my life so I had to give them a shout out. Obviously there are many more. these are just a few. Stay Peaceful!

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