End of an Era (not really but that just sounds cool lol)

A couple of things about my life…I went to my last event of Sigma Phi Lambda as an active sister. We had officer inductions this Sunday and honestly it was a little weird. I was running late because of a whole car/gas fiasco, then paid $2.25 in tolls (are you kidding me?) and arrived just as our chaplain, Holly, was finishing her speech. I sat down near the back of the church and started feeling weird. lol. I don’t know how else to explain it but going through the closing ceremony there was a part of me that was screaming, “Why are you leaving?!?!?” But then another part of me kinda realized that I had grown a lot since my freshman year and it was my time to go. I felt nostalgia but relief at the same time. Talk about conflicting emotions. I’m excited to sit back and watch Phi Lamb grow as an observer. It has had such a huge impact on my life and the way I view friendship, fellowship and relationships. Needless to say it will always be a great memory of my college experience. Here are a couple pictures we took at the church.

wasilla represent!

Matthew bible study! Love these girls

Our chaplain, Holly

Stace!! Love this girl

Seibert Fam

Wasilla ♥
Anyway this week was also our last prayer group. If there is anything I could repeat exactly how it was it would be prayer group. Sarah, Devon, and I became so close within this last semester. I remember not wanting to sign up for prayer group this semester because I didn’t want to step into another leadership position. I loved my fall prayer group but circumstances left me feeling like I wasn’t good enough as a leader. I felt I wasn’t motivating the girls and it reflected itself in our attendance. The girls from last semester might tell you differently but that was my “reality” at the time. So going into this semester I didn’t want to do it. But by the grace of God I signed up as a leader and was blessed with such an amazing prayer group. We went through the book of 1 Corinthians this semester but God had a different overall theme for us. We delved into the bible, shared church stories and began praying for people in each others life. God transformed all three of us. He reminded us of what a Christian looked like and almost every week, either through the bible or through one of our stories, he kept pushing us to go out and proclaim the gospel right in our school, to our families, to our friends. We wrapped our semester up basically going through the gospel. I told the story from creation until Jesus’ ascension and basically tried to understand all that was going on in an hour of time. God did his work because that was the best prayer group we had all year and the best one I’ve had ever. I cannot thank God enough for setting up our prayer group so perfectly. He has definitely restored passion within all of us and a support group that I would love to last forever. We didn’t take a picture (boo) but I’ll get on that and update this later. Until next time!

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