Genuine Worship

I may be weak, but your Spirit’s strong in me
My flesh may fail, but my God you never will.
Give me faith to trust what you say…
God has ignited a yearning for worship in this season of my life. I love discovering new songs and playing them on repeat on my itunes. I just cant get enough of how marvelous he is. I always remember when i am in the trenches of spiritual warfare but when all is seemingly peaceful, the idol of self righteousness creeps its way back into my heart. But right now, at this moment, God is teaching me to put Him first in everything, ALL THE TIME. And it feels good. I’m lea ring to trust Him and his word. I used to think that if God didn’t give me something i thought was good for me,  He was saving it until later. But maybe its not a “no for now.” Maybe its “no forever.” And if that is the case I need to trust that he knows exactly what He’s doing. So, I’m going to remain faithful, seek forgiveness daily and wait on the Lord. Pocketful of goodness! 🙂
Listen to Give Me Faith by Elevation Worship

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