Scattered Thoughts

I have never been in love.
Not love like I have for my Creator or for family and friends, but love that is reserved for one man and one woman. What is it like? I find it very difficult to enter into the feeling of love. My knowledge is limited by my experience. I love my God, but is this love that I feel so deeply for him only a pale imitation of some great potential to love him more? How will I know? They say love for another is the strongest bond we have on this earth and the most like God’s relationship with us; the power behind such a love can only be celestial. I long to know what that’s like
You say you know what love is. I highly doubt that. You go from girl to girl stealing pieces of their souls. Taking their vulnerability and leaving behind a hard rock of bitterness. One after another you cast a spell on each one, poisoning their hearts and minds with talk of love and promises of a future that have yet to come through. How do you claim to know love and act as if it’s a fluttering hummingbird passing from one flower to the next? If you looked love in the eye would you know it? Or would logic and passing feelings cloud your judgment?
Such a mystifying concept in the hands of men
Which prompts me to wonder,
Will I ever know love when I see it?
Or have you forgotten what it looks like?

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